Some of the work remains for years, others only a few hours... ultimately, everything will fall apart, eventually disintegrate and be consumed by time and nature.

Barely Visible Portraits

In his first solo exhibition entitled Barely Visible Portraits (1974), Fekner draws little faint ink lines on white canvasses that are imperceptible to most viewers.

Wall Blood Series

Using paper pulp to capture the essence of decay, Fekner casts the deteriorating walls and ceilings of P.S. 1, and then casts rusted and abandoned cars.
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Working on industrial silk-screens, an extremely unconventional material, Fekner executes a series of vibrantly spray painted large-scale works.More Info


In the early 80s, Fekner uses tar and other materials to ‘fossilize’ ready-mades and other found objects into what he calls industrial trophies. More Info

Techno Plaques

Techno Plaques is a late 80s series of stacked music CDs encased in resin condensing environmental disasters and other information into a nutshell not easily understood.More Info

Painting over Paintings

In the series, X Americana X, Fekner spray paints over kitschy found paintings to represent environmental disasters and looming annihilation. More Info